DewGarden Foaming Intimate Wash

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Product details of DewGarden Foaming Intimate Wash

  • It is a soap-free and alcohol-free solution with a pH of 3.7± 0.5, which is ideal for the female intimate area. It contains the extracts of Blueberry, Sea buckthorn, and Chamomile flower, which offer a pleasant and soothing fragrance with an odour-block protection power.



A modern woman deals with a lot of challenges and stress in her regular course of life, at work and at home. Cleanliness and tenderness are basic feminine characteristics, which she not only practices, but also inspires the world to practice.


In her pursuit of achieving success in life, she must also take care of herself in more ways than one. Intimate hygiene is one of the core areas of self-care that she must focus upon to stay healthy and free from worries.

Specifications of DewGarden Foaming Intimate Wash

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    80 ml


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